It is easy to dismiss Jake Paul as an attention seeking money grabbing socialite but I must say after this bout I have found real respect for the Youtuber. Following in the footsteps of his older brother Logan, Jake has stepped up to the plate as a boxer. Unlike Logan’s fight with Mayweather this one ACTUALLY A FIGHT and against a former UFC welterweight champ at that. With this win Jake remains unbeaten as a pro at 4-0. No doubt its tough to go from the octagon to the squared circle as MMA fighters are used to use their kicks more so its no monkey off Tyron’s back to lose to a trained boxer under boxing rules. Woodley was known to be a tenacious grappler in his heyday who never lets up once he smells blood but was unusually timid in this fight. His tactic of standing off Jake so that he tires himself out didn’t work out. Paul had the more significant and number of punches. Round four was his best Tyron’s best. Woodley nailed Jake with a left right combo with the ropes coming to Jake’s aid. Jake’s best was Round 6 where his height and reach advantage showed, swinging furiously. In the end Paul impressing two of the judges and that was enough to score the points victory.