More daunting climbs awaited the riders in stage 14. The middle of the course climb as well as the final ascent made for intriguing day of riding. Romain Bardet emerging triumphantly first for his first Grand Tour win since 2017. Herrada came second with Aussie Jay Vine third. Great effort from Vine who crashed into the spare bike car but recovered when all seemed gloomy. The driver of the car clearly at fault, encroaching into the rider’s lane whilst not exactly making an effort to avoid him or slow down. Defending champ Roglic did shave some seconds off overnight leader Odd Christian Eiking’s lead finishing strong on the ramp at the end there. He however remains third behind second placed Frenchman Martin.

The 28 degrees Celsius temperatures were cooler than the recent average. However they were still high and caused tire trouble for Holmes. The puncture here derailing his chances of the win with 44km to go. The asphalt rubber friction when hitting the breaks can affect weak tires.Having the right tires is essential. Choosing tires which are specially made winter tires goes a long way to prevent punctures. Going tubeless is the way to go. Lastly mechanical seal called sealant should be used in the inner lining of the tubes. This prevents tiny objects or fluids from slipping through weakening the tire.