A major shocker in stage 10 when Primoz Roglic crashed in the final descent at Rincón de la Victoria showing nothing is ever etched in stone. Michael Storer of Australia romped to his second stage win of La Vuelta after breaking away on the one and only major climb of the stage. He kept his wits about him in the final descent to win by a massive 22 seconds over Mauri Vansevenan in second and Clément Champoussin. Norwegian outsider Odd Christian Eiking(Yes his first name is Odd but don’t get it wrong he isn’t odd) has now taken over the overall lead after the resting day yesterday. Just as it seems the Slovenian Roglic was going to put daylight between himself and other GC contenders Mas and Lopez, he got cocky in my opinion and forgot the basics of negotiating a corner. Let’s have a look at the clip with 13km of the stage to go and how this Vuelta was blown wide open.

Roglic’s riding path was okay at the start of the curve, he was to the right of the right turning curve. It was not too much to the right but almost at the center of the road. Then he inexplicably decided to head to the left of the curve meaning he was heading to the barriers. Realizing his mistake he tried to alter his path back to the left in a sudden movement which rendered his bike unstable thus he bit the asphalt. That allowed the rest of the left behind peloton which included Mas and Lopez to catch up. He would finish 37th. He is now third in the GC over two minutes behind Odd so he has his work cut out for him in the next two to three stages.In a stage of 190km were the final climb was really the major hurdle to conquer, this looked the stage were we really got the picture of who was likely to win the Vuelta being basically the half way stage race. Guillaume Martin of France is second in the GC 58 seconds.