After this one it is safe to say Manny’s best boxing days are behind him. Cuba’s Ugas retained the WBA welterweight title with a deserved points decision over the ring rusty Pacquio. It is common knowledge this was a hastily arranged fight with Yordenis Ugas coming in to replace Errol Spence with just 11 days to go. But that didn’t affect Ugas at all. In terms of number of punches, Manny was tops but Ugas landed the heavier punches. Ugas has a great amateur background having won Bronze at the Olympics 2008. What amateur boxing teaches you is precision punches. Manny did start to tire as the match hit round 10. Check out Round 10 as Ugas using his reach advantage to stay clear of the punches at the same time landing a few. I really think Ugas could have won the match by outright knockout in the final Round 12. Watch him land 2 consecutive rights which had Manny staggering. A follow up combination would have done the trick I think. Manny sensing danger quickly regained his wits, I don’t think Ugas realized he had his man there. Manny’s wife knew it. Anyway a win is a win right. Not bad for a guy who quit boxing in 2010 and stuck it to Fidel Castro by defecting to the US. Manny, well, he has a political career to fall back on at least.