Two players who had a good grass court season but have so far failed to translate that form into the hard court. Felix A.A and Matteo Berrettini met at Wimbledon in the Quarter finals with the Italian coming up trumps then but not this time. Felix going through to the last 8 in Cincinnati. Felix’s all round game has improved this season which proves that his number 17 ranking is justified. Watching the opening point in the clip 3-2(15-0) he is more aggressive this season, he is the one going on the front foot in rallies more often. Berrettini reached the final of Wimbledon on the back of plays like this one, check out 5-4(15-0 Felix). Holding on to your serve had not been that hard in this match despite giving away 11 break point opportunities to the Canadian. Matteo employed the kick serve a lot in this one which was effective, his forehand down the line proved the best form of defense is attack. Felix should be kicking himself for not killing off the point when he approached the service box in the rally. Felix did break in that game to take the first 6-4.

Felix was clearly feeling confident of winning this match when he went a break up to lead 3-0. If you are an up and coming tennis player just know that when your opponent has the advantage of serving first in the set, you can ill afford to let him or her break your serve when you do get to serve. This is because going 3-0 down has got a bad psychological effect. Let me explain. When you 3-0 down even when you do break your opponent’s serve in that 4th game and hold serve the next game you are still down by 1 game at 3-2.The Mind will be thinking this is just an impossible task here, I am still down yet I worked hard to break back. Back to the match, Berrettini 3-0 down first point of the game. Felix giving him a taste of that backhand that Matteo is famous for, this time down the line. The control and the use of weaker arm to get direction and speed on the shot a joy to watch. It is a pity the match had to end with a lob that went long there at the end. If the shot had gone in it would have been interesting how Felix would have played the ball having effectively given up on it. Felix was full value for this win, he was better in all the major stats except double faulting.