The yellow jersey changed hands again in Spain after Stage 5 in Abacente. France’s Kenny Elissonde seized the GC lead after Rein Taaramae was involved in a massive crash with under 13km to go in the race. The winner of the stage was Jasper Philipsen winning his second stage of the Vuelta beating Fabio Jakobsen in a finish which involved a huge amount of riders. A flat 184km course meant that sort of finish was inevitable. Now check out the crash on the clip with 11.2km to go. One can see the mass of bikes trying to find space on the left(I can imagine being a rider in the middle of that and seeing the opposite rider coming at you and you can’t do anything about it).

In a race the other riders tend to follow the lead rider(which is the best thing to do if you want to win the race hey), in this case he was on the left side. Following him here wasn’t a great idea in a crowded space like that and the riders who were to the extreme right had the best chance of avoided the crash. I know that competition is stiff and you can’t afford to lose time by riding on the right, but one must think also of safety and the time you will lose anyway if you crash. Following the lead rider’s position on the road should be left for the closing stages of the race when the field thins out.