Hubert Hurkacz has made quite a reputation for himself this year as a very good rally guy especially after his sensational victory over Federer at Wimbledon. This play of the week is made by the Pole in his defeat to eventual champion Medvedev in Toronto Masters quarter finals at 3-2(adv Medvedev) second set. The defensive play from both sides was outstanding. Almost from the very start of the point Daniil was always in control only for Hubert to pop up at the end to volley home for the point. The turning point of that point was the backhand lob right at the end of the rally and I really feel Daniil got cocky here. He tried to emulate the between-the-legs forehand that Hurkacz played earlier in the point. Probably an ego thing, one-upmanship thing. Instead I feel he should have lobbed the ball back into caught, at least to test whether Hurkacz can hold his nerve on the overhead smash. But hey, great point to watch over and over again.