Reilly Opelka’s run in Toronto continues with an upset win over Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas in the semis. The big man’s groundstrokes as well as his serve coming to the party. Let’s analyze the point that was 1-1(40-30) to show how good Tsitsipas was in that first set. Serving under pressure, Stefanos didn’t go for the safe zone, going pretty wide of Opelka. The American able to use his reach to get the return in but Tsitsipas was always favorite for the point. The first set needed a breaker to separate the two competitors but before that there was another awesome point at 5-4(40-15).How inch perfect did that lob by Tsitsipas had to have been to go above Reilly?The American’s net play has been fantastic this week but the backhand volley at the net prior to the lob really let him down.

On to the second set and a breaker was once again needed. Opelka went for the break of serve early at 2-1(30-30) with a monster forehand winner. The strategic play by Reilly was impressive here. The series of backhand’s keeping Stefanos on the left side of the court then boom.Opelka beat Stefanos into submission in the tie break ,again those groundstrokes forcing Tsitsipas into the unforced errors.Reilly is similar to Isner in so many ways but one that sticks out is the serves. Both use their huge frames to their advantage. Just watch how the ball bounces high at 3-2(40-30) making it difficult to control the return. It was what the doc ordered ad Reilly was facing a break point at a crucial time in the third set. As if it was meant to be he broke Stefanos the next game , the unforced errors a big let down for the Greek. You can see Opelka’s game is very much a grass court serve and volley type. Check out 5-4 first point. Yes he got the rub of the green but you make your own luck hey. I still don’t get why players apologize for the net cord it’s not like it’s on purpose and it’s not like you are going to ask the umpire to replay the point isn’t it?😄. Sportsmanship? Yeah right. Reilly through to his first ATP Masters 1000 final on Sunday and will face Medvedev.