The last of the year’s Grand Tour races got underway on Saturday with a 7.1km time trial. This year’s Vuelta clashes with the last stages of the Tour de POLOGNE becauseof the Olympics. Nevertheless the lineup of riders was a good one. Primoz Roglic has an iron grip on Vuelta for the last two years. He was last up on the time trial and beat Alex Aranburu by six seconds to win the stage. It is always a welcome advantage to race last in a time trial, ah the pecks of being defending champ. The temperatures were really high in that part of Europe this week. Did it have an effect on Mas’s race? It could have ,heat affects the balance of a cyclist especially if he didn’t have enough fluids before hand. Check out how he nearly ends in the barricades. When all is said and done the one who was probably going to win this TT wad the one who was going to be fastest on the hill climb and that guy was Roglic.