Matej Mohoric gnawed at Joao’s lead in the GC to just two seconds after the bonus points finish behind the winner of stage 5 Germany’s Nikias Arndt. The downhill techniques from the riders were on point, check out with 75.9 km to go. The leading rider has done his homework, his body arched with his head at a lower level to his lower back. The shift in weight to the upper part of the bike thrusts the prop forward gaining extra speed in the process. The 172km course had its fair share of climbs so there wasn’t going to be a solo breakaway winner in this one. In the end it was a close finish. In the final kilometer of the race, the narrow roads produced a crash again but this time not too serious. If you watch the clip it is a case of not enough room to maneuver in the center of the road. The rider to the extreme left of the video should have simply continued in a straight line on that left side, there was a gap there after all, instead of trying to go to the center. You needed VIDEO EVIDENCE TO DECIPHER who won this race, it was damn close. Joao Almeda finished fourth to keep his slender lead overall.