Gael Monfils has shown signs he is reaching the decline stage of his career with some underwhelming performances this season, having failed to reach the third round of a tournament in 2021. But he remains one of my all time most entertaining players and against Australia’s Millman he didn’t disappoint. This might come as a shocker but what impressed me the most in this match wasn’t the rallies(John was better in my opinion) but Gael’s serving accuracy was awesome. 10 Aces along with 76% of points won on first serve can only be a plus if you want to win a tennis match. Speaking of John being great at rallies check out 4-3 first point. Text book forehand(opening up the racquet) at the end coupled with good defensive play. He is known to have a monster backhand is the Aussie. When it comes to net play Gael tends to come tops most of the time. The way he got to that ball at 2-1(40-15) second set defies his 34 YEARS of existence. Check out the distribution of weight(otherwise known as footwork) on the angled volley, it helps in avoiding unnecessary injury too.

One thing about John Millman that probably cost him the major tournaments is that lack of confidence and conviction at times in his shot plays. Check out 4-4(adv Monfils). Everything is hunky dory, from service motion to the great serve ,until the weak forehand at the net with Gael looking almost resigned to losing the point. That tuned Gael up to make a fierce backhand winner and with that break of serve and the way Gael was serving in that match it was virtually match point. Monfils will face Tiafoe of the USA in the Round of 16 today who easily upset home favorite Denis Shapovalov in straight sets, surprisingly for the NO LOSS OF SERVE.