This year’s Toronto Masters is primed for someone like Tsitsipas to take the tournament by the scruff of the net. Humbert on the other hand is not someone to underestimate, he has a repertoire of shots up his sleeve, he impressed earlier in the summer in Halle in taking the title there. Let us get something straight from the off here, Hawkeye was introduced for the marginal calls of which the challenge made by Tsitsipas at 4-3(40-40) fits the criteria. By watching were Tsitsipas was(he was so close to the right hand line, he was in a position to see exactly were the ball landed) and the fact that even the commentary saw it as in from where they were, this was a wasted challenge. Best to save the challenges for later in the set, my thoughts don’t shoot. Fortunately for the Greek Monte Carlo champ , Humbert double faulted later in the game to hand him the all important break. Next set saw one of the best tie breaks ever played this year and it deservedly went to the Frenchman. The back and forth breaker going all the way to the 18th point, my favorite being at 10-10.

Not before the shot of the match though, and you guessed it Ugo made it. Check out 3-2(30-15). The overhead was competently dispatched by Tsitsipas, Ugo gets the control right on the backhand and clears the highest part of the net. France and Canada have a special love affair so you could see who the crowd favorite was by the reaction after the middle set. Tsitsipas got back to basics in the third set, no “Hail Mary” shots , just POSITIVE hitting. Watch the rally at 1-0(adv Tsitsipas). This set the tone for a one sided set in which Ugo could not find the second set form and cope with the Tsitsipas first serve. 16 Aces for Tsitsipas to only 2 for Humbert although that tie breaker pushed Humbert’s first serve percentage above that of the third seed.