The Toronto Masters 1000 tournament makes it’s return after a two year covid induced absence. A quite handy purse for the winner and the tennis is off to a great start in terms of entertainment. Nick Kyrgios hasn’t lasted that long though, the Aussie was ousted by USA’ Opelka in round one in 3 sets. One thing you got about nick is that he doesn’t waste time on his serve, he doesn’t bounce the ball endlessly , take multiple deep breaths and that sort of thing. It is just smack of the racquet , boom point over. Check out first point on the clip. Well ask any player it irritates like hell when a server takes long to serve. Nick was on top of his game in the first set taking it comfortably.

Watch the backhand slice in the next point. The objective of which is not necessarily to get the point when you hit it but to force some kind of error from your opponent. Opelka turned the momentum in his favor in the second set tie breaker at 3-3 when Nick in his haste to get the match over and done with in 2 played a wild forehand which missed the target horribly. And what the blip just happened at 4-4 there?Opelka losing his bearings at the net there and “nearly” touching the net. Of course Nick was never going to let it go. Maybe he had a point, I don’t have the replay so I can’t say for definite sure that Nick was right. Maybe a piece of clothing touched the net, that constitutes a touch in my book. From there Nick didn’t put that disappointment from his mind so he duly lost the breaker to Opelka. The American was stronger on his serve in the final set. His height gives him the edge on that regard, check out the final point of the match. Nick could only put a racquet to the ball and pray after Opelka hit a beauty of a serve.