The Omnium, one of the gruelling track cycling events produced a gold medal for team GB on Thursday. Matthew Walls won it with 153 points,way ahead of New Zealand’s Stewart with 129 points followed by Italy’s Viviani with 124. What is this Omnium you ask? Well it is a 4 event race consisting of the scratch race, tempo race, elimination and points race. It starts simple enough with a traditional fastest to the finish line race , the scratch race, in which the winner takes maximum points over 10 kilometers.

The tempo race consists of four laps with a sprint race in each lap with winner getting points. The lapped guys have 20 points deducted from their tally while the guys doing the lapping get 20 points added. What in the world is lapping you ask? Well lapping is when you complete a lap over an opponent ,much like track and field athletics. Over to the elimination event now. Riders finishing last in each lap are eliminated so it is a dog eat dog last man standing type of race. The bikes a fitted with special lights that blink letting the rider know they have been eliminated.

The final race which is the points race has the riders carrying their points tally in a 25 kilometer race in which every 10 laps there are sprints worth 5,3,2,1 points. 20 points will be gained by the lapping rider and 20 decucted for the lapped. The rider with the most points wins. Matthew as you can see from the clip trailed in the final lap but dug deep for a we deserved gold for the traditional cycling giant Team GB.