It remains to be seen how long Rafa can continue at the highest level of men’s tennis. Against Jack he showed he still has a lot to offer. He took the initial steps in prolonging his career by skipping the Olympics and grass court season. Nadal showed no court rust being his first hard court match in a long time.Check out 2-1 (30-15), great staying power from the Spaniard. Jack did nothing wrong but Nadal too tenacious and too good. The between the legs shot should only be attempted when backed into a serious corner(not is your name is Nick Kyrgios of course) as it carries its risks.

I always look at Nadal for a template of the perfect forehand. Watch 5-2(15-15). That forehand of his is difficult to play against , knowing which side of your court the ball is a matter of guess work. This shot is well disguised. As expected Nadal bagan to tire a little after a high octane first set and Sock took advantage. He gave Rafa a taste of his forehand ,this time cross court at 5-3(30-30). You know as a great player unorthodox shots should be your pal. If you watch 5-3 deuce, the average player would have attempted the overhead backhand but not Nadal. The shot was powerful but Jack read it very well. He overall was the better player at the net. Nadal would eventually play the right shot at 3-3 (30-15) third set.

This next shot some guys will probably say Nadal plays a great shot but I graciously disagree. Check out third set 2-0(15-15). Nadal catches the rim on the forehand and lucky for him it had the right direction. Nadal would win the third and match on a one sided tie break to set a third round clash with South African Lloyd Harris.