Great win for Italy showing tactical astuteness in smashing the world record by finishing in 3:42:032 against the Danes. The best way to approach this sort of discipline in cycling is to have your best rider at the front in the last one and a half kilometer so that he doesn’t get exhausted. Filippo Ganna went to the front of the quartet with 3 laps to go which was perfect timing for Italy. Mind you they lagged behind Denmark at that point by 0.8seconds and they turned it around at the end to a lead of 0.166 seconds. The hunger and desire for the gold was clear to see. Impressive as well is the fact that Italy had an amateur rider among the four, Francesco Lamon who doesn’t ride in the world tour.

In the bronze medal race,New Zealand suffered a gut wrenching crash in which their rider Aaron Gate broke his collarbone ending their bronze medal hopes. Lining up against Australia in the Oceania showdown, all things looked on course for a thrilling finish with both teams neck and neck. NZ had the intial advantage which was being whittled down by Australia by the half way mark. Gate touched his teammates wheel,which coincidentally happens a lot but doesn’t end up in a crash most of the time at least,causing him to slide off the boards. Trust me when I say that there is no give on that track, it is as hard as concrete. Gate would later admit he glanced over to see where their opponent were and that lapse ended up costing him. Concentration and focus is the name ofghe game in team pursuit cycling, Gate lost it at the crucial time.