It seems the tactic by USA is to suck the opponent into a false sense of security, allowing then to dictate the game in the first quarter then come the second half a different animal emerges. They get tight defensively and at the same time the offensive players get busy. You can see the 3 point shooting by team USA in that first quarter was no way near good enough, only 2 for 14 from downtown. On the other hand Australia was flying from outside the arch. Jrue Holiday had a great day defensively. KD was good offensively with 23 points to further add to the record tally for most points by a US player at the Games. US were using most of the shot clock which was pretty risky, check out at 31-20 as the clock went down to 5 seconds before the shot came . Damian Lillard and Holiday were fantastic from the paint. Golding for Oz has a great 3 point technique, rather strange at best,almost like a fade away jumper in it’s motion. Check out 24-20 to Oz.

The best move by Oz for me was the pass made at 36-26, quick precise and catching out the slow defense by USA. Now watch 45-35 Australia. One thing that makes me mad is an air ball. Come on at best hit the rim or the glass but don’t miss the whole freaking basket. That marked the turning point of the match as KD and Devin took charge. Oz became careless with their ball handling too, check out the Levine steal at 70-55. The Australian defender who lost the ball should at least go for the foul, such an easy dunk for Levine for my liking. By the 4th quarter the US were out of sight up by 20 plus. Oz player Landell was a bright spark from the paint, very hard to mark. USA winning 97-78 will await the winner of Slovenia and the team that beat them in the group stage France,in the gold medal match.