Denmark made it to the final of the team pursuit for men beating GB but controversially after a crash. Denmark’s Freddy Madsen rode into Great Britain’s Charlie Tanfield to spark a heated debate as to the winner of the race. Denmark looked the part in the race and caught Tanfield who was the third rider, he had tired and trailed from the group. The crash looked very much accidental, both teams failed to record the mandatory 4km time.

Race organizers ruled that since Denmark had caught up with GB, they therefore were the race winners. This for me was very much spot on. The very essence of the Team Pursuit race is catching the other team which the Danes did. The crash argument is nether here nor there. The issue that GB should press organizers is that the crash impacted on their chances of getting into the bronze medal match, since we didn’t get to see their best time. Tanfield eventually got up and finished the race, was given a time of 4:28:49 by the organizers out of thin air. I believe they should be a special 3 team bronze medal final including team GB in the interest of fairness.

Filippo Ganna’s Italy secured the other gold medal final berth with victory over New Zealand, setting a new world record in 3:42:397.