ATP tour moves back to North America for the Citi Open in Washington ,DC. Two players faced off who couldn’t be more different in style , Japan’s Nishikori and USA’s QUERREY. The former is a long rally kind of player the later a big server. Kei emerging victorious but check out this play by Sam thus giving us an important lesson. Check out 1-1(30-15). Conserve energy ,shorten points if you playing in conditions as hot as those currently prevailing in the US at the moment and keep it simple.

To set up the very first break point, Kei had to go after Sam’s second serve which is usually the weakest of the Querrey serve. Always study your opponent. Point of the match, second set 1-1(30-15). Brilliant net play from both players,almost ping pong like,and here came another lesson for the younger players. In a hotly equally contested net sequence ,relieve pressure with the lob, effectively restarting the point again. Here Sam loses the point but fair play from both players. Former US open finalist Kei deservedly through to the second round in Washington.