Sascha ZVEREV is Olympic Champion for the first time crushing Russian Olympic Committee’s Karen KHACHANOV on Sunday. The serving was almost perfect from the German on first serve. Check out 2-1 (30-15). From the moment thr ball left the racquet on the serve, ZVEREV was always in control. The point win made possible by keeping Karen rooted on his baseline for the better part of the rally. KHACHANOV on the other hand was not finishing points quick enough especially when it seemed he was in control of rallies. Check out 3-1(30-15). Karen should have finished the point off when playing the forehand cross court to the forehand side of Zverev, the Russian lucky to get the net cord run of the green at the end there. Zverev got out of jail in the sixth game at 3-2 on his serve, edging a tight deuce game. Now check out 5-3 first point. If you want a sure fire way of guaranteeing you winning a point is to hit the forehand return inches from the net with pace but of course you risk hitting the net hey. The double break making it 6-3 Sascha also winning the benefit of serving first in the second set. Karen missing a seemingly easy forehand volley at the net there on set point.

Sascha was serving brilliantly, he held serve to love first game of the second with plenty of winners to salivate on if you are a neutral. The thing was Karen wasn’t exactly being bamboozled on his own serve, far from it, he was actually competitive in them. He took too long in rallies to finish them off that is, got the feeling the chances of him winning the point got slimmer and slimmer as the rally got longer and longer. Down triple break point at 5-0 it was effectively match over for Karen. Sascha’s serving an example, I got to repeat that sorry😉. Before that KHACHANOV entertained. Check out the defensive play on 3-0(30-15) ala Djokovic.Confident convincing win from Alexander Zverev and after this 🏅win a grand slam win at last will be next on the agenda. US Open up next on a similar surface to the one in Tokyo 2020.