Daniil was given a thorough test by the Italian former Monte Carlo Masters champion but he made it through in the end. Trend in the last few matches involving Medvedev saw the Russian Olympic Committee(Sports Politics and Russia are like siamese twins, they never leave each other) player breaking his opponent early in the first set and that trend continued. wE WERE TREATED TO THE BEST RALLY of the match pretty early, during the first game of the match at 15-15. Fabio should have ended the point n the overhead smash but he hung in there waiting for the error from the Russian. Fognini is very agile on the court that is compensates a lot for the other deficiencies in his play. Check out the court coverage at 1-0(40-15) first set. Now picking it up at 2-1 first set 40-15. I have seen players freeze and make errors under similar circumstances but Daniil showed how it is done. The ball sitting perfectly for you after Fabio hits a defensive shot well short. That’s how you should do it, slam it onto the court giving the opponent no chance of making the return. Ever the consummate clay courter, Fabio was comfortable from the baseline, a little too comfortable I guess. Check out 3-1(40-30) the point of no return for the Italian when Daniil went up a double break. Risky shot at a risky juncture when a more pragmatic shot was needed.

The best player in the second set was Fognini. The key was that he started lengthening the rallies, making Daniil play to his strength, that is baseline shots. Check out 1-1(30-15).It is no coincidence that the Italian broke for the first time after several such long rallies. Watch the fourth game 4-3. Fognini feeling the Tokyo heat, removing his shirt, temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius. On to the final and deciding set, Daniil faced triple break points in the first game to show his fighting spirit and carried that momentum to the next game to break. Fognini hit the rewind button to the first set, started to hit some very loose shots. Check out one such shot at 2-0(30-15) FOLLOWED by the racquet abuse, no excuses here, amateurish play from the Italian. Followed by yet another inexplicable error at 3-0(40-0 Fabio). Daniil closed out the match fairly comfortably 6-2. Still on course for a Medvedev Vs Djokovic Final for the gold.