Giannis’s half century leads Milwaukee to glory. Bucks becoming the fifth team in NBA Finals history to come from 2-0 down in the series to win IT, the last being LeBron’s Cavs against Steph’s Golden State. Another subdued game by Devin Booker(far too many in this series for a team who wanted to make history of their own), just 19 points with Chris Paul the best Sun with 26. Regular season form was thrown out of the window in this season’s play off with number ones 76ers and Utah flattering to deceive. Things were looking up for Phoenix at half time after mixed fortunes in the first and second quarters. I believe the Bucks wanted it more, just watch the block by Giannis on Bridges in the opening play of the game a sign of who was to emerge victor. Suns throwing the ball away in the early stages no wonder they were down 29-16 by the end of the first quarter. Three pointers were at a premium again with both sides getting six each for the match , the good ones coming in the first quarter.

The Suns came out guns blazing in the second quarter. Check out this play 29-24 Bucks. Two Suns helping each other, Ayton and Crowder out on the rebound, four hands are better than two, Suns tightening it up on the paint. Chris Paul led the charge towards that half time lead for Phoenix check out 39-36 Suns. Unselfish play from Booker to Paul. I bet Devin wanted Paul to go for the three that’s why he pulled the pass back to him but hey they all count. Giannis made an impact on both sides of the court, he was a blocking machine and a scoring monster on the paint. Check out 49-42 Suns and 47-42. During that pivotal third quarter Giannis proved the assist master as well check out 62-61. Great ball movement and the exclamation point dunk by Lopez. Why the Suns didn’t go for the three when they had chances to do so in the fourth quarter I will never know. Check out 98-90 Milwaukee. Chris Paul of all people scared to shoot a 3? Chance lost. When they eventually started to go for the downtowners it was all under pressure so they started to miss. Check out 102-96 and 104-96.


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