Thiago Moises of Brazil had all the advantages going into this flyweight main event on Sunday night against Russia’s Islam Makhachev. He had youth and reach in his favor but that came to knot at the end as Islam made Thiago tap out. First round had a look of a sparring match with both sizing each other up , probably in anticipation of a long bout going the distance. Only major highlight was the nelly to belly take down by Islam with about a minute 10 of the round to go. Thiago countering really well, blocking them to reduce the impact. Bit disappointed with Thiago’s punches and kicks. He fell way short of my standard for significant strikes which is at least 50%. A lousy 29% doesn’t paint a good picture for him. Islam is not just a takedown guru but can also counter them too. Check out second round 3 minutes to go in it. Thiago was going for the takedown but Islam shifted his weight onto Thiago’s head into the guillotine by grabbing it as the Brazilian attempted to bring him down. If the horn hadn’t sounded there at the end of that round Thiago would have been in a world of trouble, Islam was ready to synch in the arm bar. The Brazilian lucky as hell.

Now picking it up in the fourth and which proved to be the final round. Makhachev finally punishing Thiago for his lack of guts to go on the attack. Moises had no where to go after the takedown, backed into a corner of the Octagon. For a minute there, just for a minute I had thought he would wiggle out of it when he kicked out at Islam. But the Russian was right back on top of it, the key was to press all the weight on Thiago’s leg. Nice sportsman touch at the end by Islam, acknowledging at least the fact that Thiago was competitive enough to make the bout reach round 4.