The Bucks showed hunger and desire in the second quarter to win this one and go within one game of ending their 50 year wait for a world championship. Three payers deserve special mention, Giannis(32 pts),Middleton(29pts),Jrue*(27 pts). Milwaukee however could not contain Booker for most off the time at least,the Suns number 1 had 40 points with Chris Paul 20. Phoenix were better from the paint scoring more than the Bucks but were better in terms of 3 pointers by one which was crucial at the end. Phoenix were however the better starters. Check out 12-9 Suns. Love the press by Suns number 25 Bridges,not too close so as to not commit the foul but just enough pressure on Middleton so as to back him into a corner so that he loses the ball. Devin picking up where he left off in game 4, Bucks seemingly having no clue as to how to handle him. Watch yet another steal by Bridges ,who was big defensively in this first quarter, at 25-16. Again not down to reckless ba handling but a good press. Connaughton’s 3s were important in getting the Bucks to within less than 20 of Phoenix getting into the second quarter.

The diminutive figure of Holiday grew large in the second quarter,his passes were finding the sweet spot. Watch the quick pass to Connaughton so that he shot the 3 before any Phoenix player could get close to him to tie the game at 42 apiece.It was Jrue’s 3 pointer at 59-57 which gave Milwaukee the lead which they ultimately took to half time. Most importantly for his team ,Devin was largely anonymous in that quarter.

The third saw Miluwakee consolidate their lead , hardly missing from the field. The fourth saw more urgent ball movement from the Suns, rightly giving Booker the ball to spearhead the attack. Check out 108-97 Bucks. Booker is surrounded by white shirts, he still got that uncanny knack of finding space inside the arch which is incomparable to anyone in the NBA. Equally great is his decision making,a less skilled ball player would have tried to go for the basket there when really the shot was not on. In the end Phoenix lost with their heads held high by just 4. There was good news to take to game 6 though. Their play from the paint was awesome for the second game in the series. The bad news is that they have fallen flat in terms of their 3 point shooting which was great throughout the regular season, especially in that fourth quarter. Lastly if you are in doubt who the MAN of the match was, check out 120-119 Bucks in the closing seconds of the match.Who made the steal from Booker which ended all hopes fro Phoenix*?