Mark Cavendish had a go at his mechanic in public at the start of stage 19 of the Tour De France. Mark’s bike had some issues mix that with the pressure of the final stages of the Tour, no doubt it was a combustible situation. He later apologized to his Team mechanic but the prima donna attitude leaving a sour taste in mouths. No major climbs, a flat course of 207km which favors the sprinter and was made for someone like Cavendish. Tadej Pogacar is not the only Slovenian to make the headlines this week. Matej Mohoric got his second stage win of this Tour with an amazing solo ride from about 25km from a large breakaway. Check out with about 20km of the race to go in the clip. I love this from Matej, risking it all by crossing over to the right side of the road from the left with the road demarcated by(I am not sure, it looks gravel or rubber), he could have easily got tripped. So dominant was this win he even had a time to slow down and thank the heavens. Mohoric winning by almost a minute over Frenchman Christophe Laporte with Casper Pedersen in third.

No 35th Tour win for Cavendish. Tadej Pogacar still leads the GC standings after finishing safely in the trailing main peloton some twenty minutes behind Mohoric. No major changes in the top 3 as well.