Bucks had an almighty scare on the back of a Devin Booker surge but they held on for the crucial series leveler. Khris Middleton with a giant 40 points made mostly from assists by Giannis(7 assists in all). Devin was shooting from all over almost right from the get go as if to make up for a lackluster Game 3. Check out 10-4 first quarter and you can freeze the clip the moment Devin enters the arch. See the gap in the paint that is begging to be exploited. Bucks were alert to the three point prowess of Phoenix, had three defenders ready to block of any attempts from outside the arch. Smart approach by Booker. Below average three point shooting from both sides besides the odd downtowner(each team made seven each).

Whoever was going to win it has to have had more twos from the paint and we all know who is the best in the NBA from that zone. Giannis has played that dribble-spin around- lay up so much it boggles the mind why most teams don’t scout that move. Check out 25-22 Suns. Seems the focus for the Bucks after game 3 shifted from Devin to Chris Paul. Watch were they start to defend against him at 28-26 Suns. Phoenix number 5 Teague kicks it off almost at the half court line then joined by two of his teammates forcing the pass to an open Torrey Craig. Game plan worked most of the game with Chris restricted to just 10 points. The Bucks tried to contain Devin they couldn’t but Khris Middleton made sure we go to half time tied at 52-52. Check out the three pointer almost at the buzzer. By and large the third quarter belonged to Phoenix. They kept it tight on Giannis and turned over the ball many times so they were full value for their lead going into the fourth. Check out 77-73. The Block on Jrue by Cameron Johnson setting off the counter attack of which the Bucks never recovered.

On to the fourth, the Suns got a little lackadaisical with passing now guilty of turning over the ball poorly. Watch 89-84. I mean really was the pass to Deandre Ayton on there? The passer was better off going for the three pointer if he misses then at least his team has a chance for the offensive rebound. Bucks were fired up for this quarter, their turn to keep it tight. From 95-94 Suns, the three pointer by Pat Connaughton was the point of no return for Phoenix. Crucially for the Suns Devin started missing a whole lot. I must admit I was one of the doomsday skeptics fearing the worst for Milwaukee,expecting a whitewash series with Suns winning. Far from it now , we now have a proper NBA FINALS. It could go to Game 7.