Team USA got their road to Tokyo off to a bad start on Sunday after the loss to Nigeria. They got back onto the saddle pretty quickly in dispatching Facundo Campazzo and the Argentines. Kevin Durant(Brooklyn) and Bradley Beal(Wizards) both had 17 points. It was important for Team USA to get off to a great start and they did just that with some great plays. Noticeable was the great passing from Argentina. Check out 5-2 USA. Facundo’s pass to Delia mesmerizing Adebayo. The Argentines very good on the paint but average from the three point line. The USA were no slouches in passing too. Check out the speed in motion at 7-4. Argentines not closing down KD is a hair puller for a coach I tell you. KD looking for a fourth GOLD in Tokyo next month. There were some poor turnovers by team USA which they have to iron out pronto. For instance check out 28-12. Yes this is an exhibition and a warm up but carelessness, NO.

Argentine’s number 14 is good from the paint. Great technique, too bad he didn’t try for more 3s we would have had a great match. Watch 37-23 USA. LIllard was great on the night out in Vaegas. He had his 3-point shooting boots on. This giant 3 mad me tingle inside, check out 45-35. Argentina realized 3 pointers were the only way back and brought it to a respectable 52-42. Now watch 62-44. Important lesson when shooting with a defender in close proximity. Delay the shot mid air just a fraction late. Michael Jordan used to do it(fall away jumper).Adebayo with the block there ,he was colossal defensively on the night. The number of dunks the USA got indicates the lack of height in the Argentine ranks. The best of them for Zach Leline. Check out 83-62. At this point surely no way back for Argentina. Zach is way, away from the basket when he jumps. His long arms giving him the advantage. Great way to bounce back for Team USA.