First time winner at stage 15 with USA’s Stepp Kuss riding solo after the last climb of the Ceret to Andorra course. The maiden win was achieved by 23 seconds ahead of veteran Alejandro Valverde. becoming the first American in a decade to win a Stage here.Tadej keeps the yellow jersey , no real challengers in this stage for the Slovenian defending champ. I am concerned at how close the spectators were to the riders, check out with 38km of the race to go. There is nothing wrong with cheering your favorite rider but the picture takers can be reckless at times. Descending 101 is on show on the 33 km to go curve of the race. The descending rules are that riders need to hug the left side of the road on a sharp curve. Leaning in instead of turning the handle bar, don’t tense up your body and not hitting the breaks after the corner but before it. Pogacar is 5 minutes 18 ahead of Rigoberto Uran in the GC.