Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 41 points and 13 rebounds propelling Milwaukee to victory. He was outstanding defensively as Bucks restrict Phoenix to a 100. No one in the Suns’ team could also match Jrue Holiday’s 21 points. Booker had a slow night managing just 10. The first quarter pretty close, both sides cagey in their approach scoring most points from the paint. Jrue’s passing was impressive, check out 16-15 . Booker is caught in no man’s land, wasn’t marking anyone there, Giannis seeing the gap and exploiting it. Chris Pau(19 points) was the guy causing all the problems for the Bucks. His trademark dribble to inside the arch was effective as ever. Watch 30-28 Suns. Milwaukee started pulling away from the Suns in the second quarter Giannis dominating the Suns’ paint. When they did try to take the ball off the big forward, the Suns ended up fouling him. Watch 39-38 Milwaukee.

It looks like the Bucks realized that in order to win this match they had to take great care of Devin. They did just that, at times double teaming him to make sure. Check out 53-45. The quick ball movement after the block was immaculate. Best play of the game,69-56 Bucks. Risky defensive play from the Bucks. Why they did it when they were ahead by 13 only they know. Two players tried to block the passer inside the later’s arch leaving them exposed in their side of the court. Cameron Johnson with an in your face dunk to rub it in their faces. This started a period of giving away unnecessary turnovers by the Bucks to see the lead whittling down to just 6. At the end of the third though they restored the double digit advantage with some great three point shooting. As the lead by the Bucks became plus 20, the Suns needed to get the ball turned over to them quick but the passing by Milwaukee was on point. The game was as good as gone. Bucks back in the series but still behind 2-1.