Now on to the next monkey that needed to come off a back. Connor McGregor of Ireland lost miserably to Dustin in their second bout earlier this year so he needed a powerful showing here. Connor starting the round rather well landing decent enough kicks on Dustin but nothing to knock him off his feet though. Dustin’s major weapon was the combination punches , he started landing plenty ax the round went on.

Loved how Connor turned a desperate situation into gold. Check out the front guillotine lock when Dustin backed him to the fence. It took a hell of a lot of punching until Dustin broke free from it. It was a tough to call opening round, still can’t decide who won it even right now. Just ad the bell ring it hit me man. Connor’s fibula was bent all wrong dude. Man, what a lousy way to end such a promising bout. For all intents and purposes, this was a great accident dude. Check out with 11 seconds of the round to go, Connor slips and fall all wrong. I really think there will be McGregor-Poirier 4 once Connor heals up🤞.