Not many folks love third placed play offs but they are one of my favorite levels of a tournament. Both sides will play unrestrained attacking soccer with nothing to lose as both know they are heading home without the gold. So why not send off the fans with a treat. Colombia and Peru did it. Luis Diaz will probably be in the running for the player of a tournament title after this performance. The Colombian WINGER scored a long range strike to win bronze for his side at the death against Peru who should go home with their heads held high too. The two sides’ defense left a lot to be desired though. Take Lapadula’s goal for Peru. What’s the sense of having Cuadrado mark the big striker on a set play given the Juve winger’s height. Diaz’s second goal of the match was down to poor closing down on the FC Porto man.

Peru’s passing was all the impressive in this match, one wonders why they haven’t qualified for more world cups. Oh I know, poor finishing. They tend to create chances with their best creative player Pena at the heart of most of their attacks. One would have thought James Rodriguez would be missed by Colombia. They are blessed with options. Cuadrado showed us that there is more than one way to execute a free kick. The tournament across the Atlantic has provided one lousy free kick goal all tournament but this one has seen two in a space of three days(Messi the other of course). Almost always happens that a wall will leave a gap as they as they jump and try to intercept the aerial ball. Find that gap find the money.