Two games into this Championship series, Milwaukee already facing an uphill task to win it. Devin and Mikal Bridges were all over the Bucks in Phoenix’s win in game 2.Both combined to total 58 points with Giannis the MAN for Milwaukee with 42 points. First lesson learnt from here is that the Bucks have a somewhat overreliance on their star forward when he is around. When he is not other tend to step up. Check out the first play right from the off, intercepting and scoring the first points. Lesson two, the Bucks did their homework and marked the red hot Chris Paul. Chris with just 23 modest by his lofty standards. Lesson three, Bucks went back to basics, outscoring the opponent from the paint, a dominant 54 points from that side of the court. Suns also went back to the drawing board, 3-pointers were the go to means of getting points beating Milwaukee 20-9. Check out first quarter 24-20. Devin utilizing the space created by him bumping Jeff Teague for the three. Three pointers are all about making use of space afforded to you by the opponent.

Check out 35-34 Bucks. Love the way Booker follows up his missed shot for the offensive rebound. Never give up on a missed shot. The ball movement from the Suns was exceptional. Giannis finally got the memo and tried to get their three pointer ratio up but Milwaukee was some way behind by then. Check out 52-65. In the fourth, Suns only had to match the Bucks basket to basket to see out the match and they did just that. Jrue Holiday grew into the match in that time period, but old habits die hard. Jrue had a tendency of wanting to score from the paint which wasn’t helping his team here. Series now moves to Milwaukee for game 3 on Monday and boy some Bucks (other than Giannis PLEASE) need to show up.