Welcome to the NBA championship game, were legends are made. History beckons for either Phoenix or Milwaukee none of which the bookies gave a chance of reaching the stage. Chris Paul continued to dazzle with a game high 32 points for the Suns as they got off the mark in the series. 19 rebounds the best defensive player in the game Ayton setting the stage alight. The Bucks welcomed back with relief Giannis who missed the last portion of their series win over Atlanta. The Greek machine losing none of his touch. Check out 5-4 Milwaukee. Just as I was singing his praises watch the misplaced pass in the following play after. Rustiness?

Suns going toe to toe with Milwaukee on the paint and in a rarity bested them in that department. Devin Booker instrumental in that regard. Watch 12-10 Bucks. He finds the gap between two defenders his specialty, he would finish with 27 points. Whenever the Bucks got close to the Suns score, Phoenix would always pull away. Their tactic was to limit the turnover count and make use of the ball and worked a charm. Chris Paul growing large in the second quarter, he was shooting from that free throw zone all night. Check out 50-47 Suns. He didn’t want to risk the pass because no one was open except number 25 which would have been a hell of a pass to locate him. Check out this block from Giannis at 57-49. Bridges was favorite for the basket with Giannis a fair way behind play but he covered the court to make the block. The pass by Crowder was awesome, deserved better. Surprise stat of the game, Milwaukee out 3-pointing the Suns by 16-11. Probably happened out of necessity, they needed to close the gap and fast so going for the twos as the game went on wasn’t really doing.

Checkout 94-79 Suns. Crowder looked to have the rebound in the bank but his concentration wasn’t there allowing Middleton to steal for a gift of a basket. Game 2 is on Friday