Our little genie has granted us our wish. It is a Brazil-Argentina final at the Copa America in Brazil. The bottle took some rubbing though, the match went all the way to penalties with Colombia proving as battle hardened as ever. The match was pretty much balanced. Messi was the creator in chief for the Argentines, he made the Lantauro goal happen spotting the Inter striker unmarked in the box. He even created a chance a few minutes earlier for the same guy who headed wide of Ospina’s goal. Juve right back Cuadrado was playing higher up the right flank, with Colombia spotting the weakness on that side of the Argentine defense. Tagliafico and Lo Celso aren’t exactly the best defenders are they?

In fact Colombia had the better chances compared to the Argentines. They were adventurous not surprising when they have proven attackers in Zapata and recent Frankfurt signing Borre. Emiliano Martinez did not cover himself in glory in conceding the goal to Luis Diaz. The defender Pezzella did all he could to push the attacker to the byline cutting the angle. Did Martinez make himself big enough? I don’t think so. Soon it was Ospina’s turn with a moment of madness of which he was rescued by his defender. He came out to tackle Di Maria and missed. The same defender who he didn’t trust enough to deal with the issue ended up rescuing him. How ironic. Surprisingly there is no extra time at the Copa America. Game goes straight to the lottery that is the penalty shoot out. Messi didn’t want to wait for them, STRIKING THE POST as the game was drawing to a conclusion. Why the organizers did that in such a high stakes game is anyone’s guess but 30 extra minutes gives an opportunity for the best soccer team to win a match. Emiliano Martinez atoning for the goal conceded to Dias with great stops from Davison Sanchez of Spurs , Mina of Everton and Cardona.