A mid third set collapse by Croatian former finalist at Wimbledon Marin Cilic saw him blow a two set lead to lose in five against Daniil Medvedev of Russia. Marin was hitting the ball well especially in the second set, Daniil could find no answer to his ground strokes. The tie break in the first set was all Marin dominating the net, getting to any attempts at the lob by Daniil. Check out the first point of the second set. I really felt here that Daniil let Marin off the hook. Right at the end of that rally there is an open court down the line in which to hit the forehand. Going cross court was a huge mistake which fortunately as you will see later he learns from.

Now Daniil has an interesting service motion. It is not like most of the players who bounce the ball endlessly, he just tosses it up and bang quick. At set point to Marin second set at 5-3(40-15), we see the disadvantages of such a serve. You do not get time to focus on the target you are aiming at, the service box. If you are a young player learning the game, it may be a good idea to sturdy yourself, bounce it a few times, see your target and then play the serve. Novak Djokovic does that often and has been accused of being slow on the serve. But look how well he is doing anyway onto the third set, at 2-2 on deuce Marin lost a challenge on a line call which is not on the clip unfortunately. From there on it was downhill. Daniil was finding the lines with unplayable shots.

In the fourth the unforced errors became to creep into Cilic’s game. The fight was basically extinguished. Picking it up on the fifth set now. Daniil already a break up at 2-0(40-30) went a double break up. I want you to watch Cilic’s body language closely. He is hitting the shots which land almost on the serve line showing his lack of confidence. Daniil has no such qualms hitting the shot right into Cilic’s body, forcing the error from the Croat. After that there was no coming back. Medvedev booking a round of 16 clash with Hurkacz of Poland today.