The partisan crowd on center court gave it their all in supporting the home favorite Andy Murray but Shapovalov too strong at the end. There was a bit of a scare for the Canadian Denis. Having led 5-1 in the first set he lost his way a bit an allowed Andy back into the set at 5-4. Unforced errors particularly from his backhand were the major culprit. That backhand was pretty effective in the earlier parts of the first set. Check out the 1-1(40-30). Remarkable how Denis generates so much power one handed. In the end finding the corners earlier in points did the trick for Denis in the 10th game to seal it 6-4.

This point clearly shows the lack of confidence Andy has had the past couple of years. Check out 2-0(40-15). Already a break down, Andy needed a solid next two or so games. Denis slips during the rally and is struggling. I reckon he had given up on the point at the moment of hitting that weak forehand just to get the ball back in court. What does Andy do, play it straight into the net. No excuses here for the Scot, his mind was elsewhere he needed to get it back here. The set was lost hey but Andy had a trick or two up his sleeve. The lob on 4-1(deuce) showed the old magic was still there. The Shapovalav serve was better than Murray’s, 13 aces to only two although Andy landed more first serves than the Canadian.

Third set pretty much started the same way as the second, Andy going down a break with some nervous ground strokes. At 40-15 first game of that one Murray never looked convincing with the forehands culminating in that wild swing at the end. The light was fading badly here, literary and figuratively for Andy. I am surprised both players went on with the game with visibility clearly disappearing. Denis quickly wrapped up the game 6-2 to advance to round 4. Andy’s mental fortitude is not quite what it used to be.