Belgium underlying their status as the best underachieving team in world soccer with another disappointing exit from a major tournament this time at the hands of the Italians. Italy underlying their status as the phoenix of world soccer, rising from the ashes of missing out on the world cup to within two games of winning one So potent in attack were the Azzurri that they scored two goals from their first two on target, we can count three if you consider disallowed goals shots on target. Jorginho is having one hack of a season continuing with these Euros. The Chelsea mid was the stand out passer in midfield with Lorenzo Insigne of Napoli more or less the driving force of the attack. For the Belgians it was a case of not troubling Donnarruma enough. Doku was a livewire the entire match. What lacks in his game is the final product and that decision making at the end of whether to pass or shoot.

Lukaku was guilty of missing the golden chance at 2-1 on 60 minutes. The Inter striker shooting straight at Spinazzola with Donnarumma no where to be found. The big striker failing to stay on his feet after the initial strike was blocked by Spinazzola. Check it out, HE GETS A SECOND BITE of the cherry and misses the ball completely because he was off balance. The positives for Belgium is that Kevin De Bruyne grew in influence as the game went on and played his part despite the loss. The Italians did what their famous for, the legendary ITALIAN JOB of shutting the door shut making it awful difficult for the Belgians. Just look at the high fives given to Spinazzola for the bloke. They are the kind of guys(Chiellini,Bonucci and Spinazzola that bet on who makes the most game saving tackles in a match. Belgium back to drawing board and a change of guard is imminent with some players clearly past their prime especially in those center back positions. Italy will face Spain, who were not convincing in their penalty shoot out win over the Swiss, for a place in next Sunday’s final.