Milwaukee has edged ahead of the Hawks in their Eastern Conference Finals series despite missing the services of star Forward Giannis. The knee injury sustained in Game 4 has kept him out of game 5 and it still isn’t clear when he is likely to return. As it turned out his absence was a blessing in disguise as other players stepped up like Khris Middleton(26 pts 13 rebounds) and Brook Lopez(33 points). The match was won in the first quarter with the Bucks opening up a 14 point lead by its end. Check out this pass to Lopez by Jrue the Assist King of The Game with 13. The quick thinking caught the ATL defense off guard. Bognanovic Bogdan of the Hawks was the 3 point King accumulating 33 points as a result. Check out 48-30 Bucks.

Check out Cam Reddish’s on a silver platter slam duck at 24-40 Bucks. The ATL started the second quarter really well with the Bucks getting sloppy in their passing. Even if you don’t watch the clip, no prizes for guessing which team was stronger from the paint. The paint Kings, Milwaukee scoring just under a half of their tally from that part of the court powered by big Lopez. Check out 52-39. The game was effectively over going in the fourth quarter with the Bucks leading 13 points. All Bucks needed to do was to not concede silly turnovers and keep going basket to basket. The team with the most steals more often than not wins, the Bucks had 11 steals this whole game to 5 for ATL. Atlanta now has to win two games to make it to the NBA finals with all claws on deck now.