Nick Kyrgios has never been known to have a dull match and this one did not disappoint. The Aussie beat Halle Champion Ugo Humbert of France in five sets spread over two days because of bad weather to reach the second round At Wimbledon. The five was an epic 16 gamer. Nick served rather well with 23 Aces combined with just 6 double faults that is a decent enough return to win a match. Pick up at 5-4(40-0) set point to Aussie. The set secured by the serve down the line but notice how the drop shot is away from the center of the court. A less seasoned player would have played a drop shot at the center giving Ugo an opportunity to return. Now lets watch second set 5-4(adv Humbert at deuce) on Nick’s serve. Serving to stay in the set, Nick plays the usual solid serve and similar to the point I described above he attempts a drop shot which was easily returned with a forehand down the line by Ugo. So what was the difference between the two points?

Nick went to the well far too many times, not paying attention to the opponent’s position on the court. Ugo was facing the side of the court Nick hit into plus the drop shot was way too high so it dropped slowly. Ugo won the next two sets with the same gusto that so him win in Germany two weeks ago, money winners like the one on 5-2(40-15). There is no doubting Nick’s talent as a tennis player, but he has that arrogance that cost him money(fines) and matches and lacks seriousness at times which is a coaches nightmare. It was painful to watch 5-3(40-15).That seemed to wake him up for the fourth set. The Aussie was rampant winning it with the double break with shots right into the corner. That was more like it , no fancy party tricks just back to basics stuff like 4-1(adv Kyrgios). It is bound to be tiring to play until the 15th game so no blaming Ugo for hitting the net on break point 40-30 final set. A memorable win for Kyrgios, one for the all time Wimbledon classics.