Phoenix reached only their third NBA finals after seeing off a valiant Clippers in game 6. Chris Paul was the guy who propelled them to the dance with 41 points. His 3 point shooting was on point helping the Suns to a 54% record from outside the arch. It was a very closely fought out first quarter with both defenses solid. Check out the block Marcus Morris for the Clippers, who so happened to be their best defensive player at 23-20. One has to mind the fact that the Clippers didn’t have Kawhi Leonard the whole of this series, and hats have to go off for Paul George who carried much of the scoring weight.

Paul had 26 points on the night. Check out his great play here on the paint 45-36 taking on 3 defenders, his power shining through here. Now check out this block by the little fellow Patrick Beverley on DeAndre Ayton at 63-57 Phoenix. Beverley went for the ball a tad too early there and could have easily given DeAndre a concussion. I admire the cojones though for attempting it against the bigger guy. The Suns started pulling away from LA in the second half, slowing increasing their lead with twos such as this by Devin Booker. Watch 78-67 Suns. Devin was good in finding the gaps on the paint in this game and the dunk looked good on camera too at the end there. As the third quarter ended, Chris Paul was at it again making sure the lead was plus ten, getting clobbered by Cousins in the process there. Nasty but not deliberate. I can’t get enough of this play by Paul, 101-85. Marcus Morris made to look foolish by Chris in a play you normally see in street ball. Paul was in the zone in that fourth quarter making sure Suns win by 27 points.

The Suns will await the winner of Milwaukee and Hawks in the NBA finals looking for their first ever NBA championship. Bucks and Hawks look a long way to being decided, the series tied at 2-2.