A huge first quarter laid the foundation for the Clippers’ victory in game 5. Paul George keeping LA alive in this Conference Finals with another 30 point game to pull his team within one of levelling the series. Playing on the road, the Clippers’ tactic of overwhelming Phoenix right from the get go was on the money. Usually teams playing on the road are conservative which the Suns probably thought would happen. Check out 9-3. A fired up Beverly, eyes on the ball with the steal leaving Suns struggling to get to position to prevent the basket. Suns struggled to get points on the board and were down by 15 mid quarter. Clippers were better from the paint scoring 58 points from that part of the court. Watch Reggie Jackson go at 34-26 Clippers. The Suns were very sloppy in possession turning over the ball to LA way too many times.

Phoenix pulled the game to within two at 44-42 with much more assured passing. Check out 44-39.Devin was effective from the 3 point line for Phoenix. He would finish with 31 points not enough to inspire his team to the win though. Paul George highlight, so many of them this series, but for this game watch him shrug off the attentions of Chris Paul at 73-67 Clippers. Chris was like the drunken master with the way he lost his footing there, God I hope he didn’t have any Sake before this one. Paul George is in tip top shape. Given the dominance LA had of the ball there was no way Phoenix was winning this one. It’s shaping up to be a monster game 6. If Phoenix lose that one, what will it do their psyche? If LA wins is winner take all in Game 7.