A huge fourth quarter by the Bucks led by Khris Middleton. ATL started like they meant business and in no time were up by 8. Watch this huge 3 by Trae Young at 7-2. Trae finishing with 35 points for the game. Don’t expect Trae to be all in on defense looking to stifle the opposition. No no no his strength is his shooting and on this play for a guy his height he gets a lot of elevation on the ball. As the wuarter wore down, Milwaukee started to impose themselves on the paint again. Watch Khris Middleton power his way to the two at 25-12 Hawks and Brook Lopez’s duck at 27-18 Hawks. Such was the dominance of the Bucks on the rebound stat they pulled scores level at half time 56-56. Watch Giannis at 44-48 Hawks. His 33 points was instrumental in this victory for Milwaukee. He arrives late(trademark)sees the gap on the paint not picked up by any of the Hawks for the easy slam.

Trae grew large in the third quarter as he continues to shoot from everywhere. Check out 62-58 Hawks. It looks as though when Young shoots a three he waits and sizes his options then takes the shot. This might be a good thing or a bad thing I will tell you why. Its bad in terms of the shot clock putting pressure on him to shoot. Watch the close trickle to just over 2 seconds before he shoots, I would rather have my player take the shot earlier. Statistically a player is likely to miss a shot if shot clock is under 3 seconds. It is good in terms of concentration, mentally that is. Khris took over the fourth quarter for the Bucks. Check out 93-95 Hawks. Middleton started hitting those 3 pointers to vanquish the Hawks. Valiant effort from ATL. Still a lot to play for with Bucks up by only one at 2-1