Suns extending lead over Clippers to 3-1 and are just one win away from the NBA finals. A very low scoring game 4. Both teams probably knew the stakes riding on this one. Watch 59-46 to illustrate the great defense on display here. Zubac normally good on the paint going nowhere.

Paul George top scored for Clippers followed by Reggie Jackson with 20. Reggie shining light from outside the three point line in a game which was horrendous from down town. Watch 48-33. Suns were the best from that stat with 20% shooting to LA’s 16%. Devin Booker,Phoenix’s main guy, had the highest points for the but a worrying stat was his assist game. Poor do a point guard. Watch 20-11 the bad pass easily intercepted leading to a foul to prevent the basket. The Afters there showing the pressure of the occasion being game 4 of the conference finals. He would finish with zero assists.