Big serving QUERREY struggling on his serve right from his first game but held on with some great net play. In fact both players were great fron thst part of the court. Watch 2-1 (40-15). Daniil tried the drop shot a lot this week. It never really came off against Sam who moves freely for a guy his size.

Now for the shot of the match at 3-3 deuce. The lob left very little to error landing right at the corner. Lucky shot? Don’t think so, Daniil made his own luck, he caught the ball square on the racquet head adding a bit of top spin on it. Sam’s serve got broken in this game, double faulting shockingly going full throttle on the second serve. Daniil eventually taking the first set 6-4.

Querrey never learnt. He repeated the deed in the second set on break point on his first service game thereof. Now Sam you got an awesome serve, it never hurts to pull back a little play safe from time to time, you know live to fight another game. There was a lot of tennis left in that set. The dangerous forehand of MEDVEDEV coming to the arena in the seventh game at 4-2. Watch when scores at 30-30. The ball went straight at Sam but it was low and hard rendering it unreturnable. Convincing display from the Russian who eventually took it 6-2. Sam’s decision making on his second serve called into question. The number 1 seed in Mallorca looking good heading into Wimbledon this week.