The Eastern Conference Finals just got interesting. If there was a chance of handing the championship to the team with the best team work Milwaukee would be streets ahead of the rest. 14 different points scorers in this one headlined by who else, Giannis Antetokounmpo with 25 points. Bucks trounced the Hawks from the paint, half nearly half of their points came from that part of the court. Trae Young who was huge in game one was well short of emulating his heroics in that game getting just 15 as ATL failed to reach the century. Watch the statement of intent by the Bucks right from the off at 0-0 . Giannis is the driving force behind the Bucks with a double threat on rebounds and lay ups from the paint.

The Hawks were woeful from down town. Getting just 9 threes for the who match no wonder they struggled for points. It also shows the great defense mounted by Milwaukee. Watch 18-12 Milwaukee. With no pressure from the shot clock which was at 11 a blind pass from Trae Young of the Hawks straight at Tucker got the Hawks scrambling to prevent the two points to no avail. Way too many turnovers for the ATL in this one, a total of 19. Check out the worst play of the day from the Hawks’ Clint Capela at 45-35 Bucks. Giving the ball straight at Portis of the Bucks. Lesson of the young players, slow this thing down when you are down and under pressure. Might as well have given Clint a white top, jeez. By end of the third, Milwaukee were out of sight up by 40 points. One final thing about the Bucks. Giannis and the Bucks tend to get a lot of twos but when there is no chance of getting one they know how to recycle the ball. They pass IT TO THE PLAYER OF THE ARCH from the PAINT to get the 3.