Paul George and Reggie Jackson turning up for the Clippers as LA get right back in the Western Conference Finals. Paul had 27 points and Reggie 23. Both sides contributed to the low scoring first quarter by turning over the ball too many times. Check out 29-23 Clippers. Rondo for the Clippers trying the party pass to Marcus Morris. It was never going to be pulled off with two defenders in the way. Phoenix’ Devin Booker punishing LA on the transition. No wonder Rondo finished with no assists no points and no rebounds, terrible decision making. Watch again 31-26.The lay up was not on with Torrey Craig having a big height advantage over Rondo. Reggie only had 3 assists but they were great ones. Watch this pass at 31-28 Clippers was on point.

Ivica Zubac proved to be the difference maker in helping LA to victory. The big Croatian was huge from the paint scoring some great dunks and useful in terms of offensive rebounds, he had 16 all in all. Check out 62-56 Clippers. There were not a lot of 3s in this one but the best of the lot was no doubt the one Paul George made for the Clippers at 77-69 right at the end of the third. At the half way line, there was nothing lucky about that shot. Paul did the basics correct, get height and direction on the ball and it worked out swimmingly. Phoenix never managed to stay with the Clippers the entirety of this one. Clippers better in terms of blocks, rebounds and steals