The record winners of the Copa, Uruguay booking their spot in the quarter finals with victory over Bolivia. Do or die game for the Bolivians who propped up the Group A with Argentina first, Paraguay second, and Chile third. They had the better chance in the first half, one falling to Ramallo earlier in the match. Edinson Cavani was uncharacteristically tentative. Watch the chance he spurned with keeper off his line.Bolivian keeper Lampe with great goalkeeping there, a lesson for the young keeper. Always stay on your feet the until the very last moment. Jairo Quinteros with the own goal to give Uruguay the lead. The pressure paid off. Jairo couldn’t leave the ball with Cavani behind him. Godin , Jimenez and Muslera seemed to have been around since forever for Uruguay but I could see why they have been kept on. Solid in defense limiting the Bolivians to half chances in the second half.

Cavani could have had a hat trick in this match, aiming at Lampe when a tap in was on the cards(watch footage).That is his weakness I guess, too overconfident that he misses the easier chance here and there. Suarez has dropped a pace or two in recent years. The amount and quality of chances missed in this one should be worrying for Uruguay. A better team would have punished them.