Wimbledon is just around the corner. Mallorca is an ATP250 event on the way to the third Grand Slam of the season. Although missing its favorite son Rafael Nadal who has taken a breather to preserve his aging body, other Spaniards are flying the flag high notably Roberto Bautista Agut. Seeded third, Roberto made it to the last eight with straight sets victory over Italian Travaglia. Roberto has the mixed bag in his arsenal of shots. Watch 4-3(40-30) when he got the break. Both backhands and forehands were good, which helped him stay in the rally as the point became a point of who makes the first mistake and fortunately Stefano made the error. In terms of the bigger picture of Roberto’s career, this could be the reason why the Spaniard has never quite made it in the bigger tournaments. He tends to play it too safe at times and doesn’t go for the difficult shot.

In terms of service, both players were great, making over 70% first serves. Stefano placed them better making 13 Aces for the match. Now watch second set 3-2(40-0) Roberto up on his own serve. Travaglia is guilty of not moving centrally after making the return there. Tennis 101 dictates that when you make a return moving centrally helps you get to that shot that is made closer to the lines and not be caught cold. To add as well never assume a shot. Stefano assumed a Roberto backhand cross court there which never came. The Italian was better at the net as shown by 4-4(40-0). Roberto winning it by breaking in the 11th game of the second. Just by watching the backhand slice by Stefano I can see he is used to clay. The slice was way too much such that the ball bounced high leaving Roberto the easy task of picking his spot with the forehand.