Phoenix go to up in the Western Conference finals after this narrow win. No Kawhi Leonard still for the Clippers so Paul George made 26 points just 3 shy of the Suns’ Cameron Payne’s 29. The Clippers were beaten but what made the game so close was their 3 point shooting. Both side were way off their best from downtown, Clippers shooting 38% from outside the arch whilst Phoenix were a lousy 23%. Part of the reason that it was so is that Devin Booker likes to score many twos. Watch 51-49 Suns. Not wanting to take the risk of a missed three given the occasion of a Conference finals game 2 may have influenced this approach from the Suns. So it was no surprise the Suns were awesome from the paint. Watch this play, 54-57 Suns up. Cameron all alone on the paint, no one to pass to. Risking the TRAVELLING VIOLATION(When you walk with the ball without dribbling for more than two steps) he took on the whole Clippers defense stretching to get the basket.

Clippers Luke Kennard(Number 15) contributed 10 points , of which this 3 points helped push teh game to a frenetic finish. Watch 88-82 Suns. That 3 from that part of the arch is difficult because you are trying to stay in bounds whilst fending off the attention of the defender plus the angle working against him. Disappointing for the Clippers is the double miss from the free throw by Paul George which would almost certainly meant the game for LA AT 103-102. Watch it again. George aiming for the part of the ring too close to the glass on the second attempt probably influenced by the initial attempt hitting the nearer part of the ring . Pressure getting to him? The game winning alley-hoop was the stuff of legend. Suns doing the correct thing under the circumstances, get the tallest guy on the paint and hope for the best. Crowder spotting Deandre there. Game over 2-0 to Phoenix in the series.