Gulf in class between a side that made it to the World Cup Final three years ago and a side that hadn’t made it to a major tournament in 23 years clearly on show here. With the fans behind them and passion of the moment, the Scots did reasonably well to stay in the match by half time. The Croat know how to convert half chances into goals whereas the Scots couldn’t convert full fledged ones. Just watch the Che Adams chance after 5 minutes. One does not need to kick at every ball even the ones which are at “head-able” height. McGinn also doing the same with a similar chance later on.Watch again this time towards the end of the match in injury time. McKenna heading the ball wide. Just look at the direction he is facing probably he wasn’t expecting the ball to reach him. A top player would have expected that ball to come to him and adjusted accordingly.

Contrast all this to Perisic’s goal. The Inter man had nothing going for him there. Two defenders on him facing away from goal but he knew what to do. A simple flick is all it took. Even Modric’s goal showed the presence of mind to see a gap between the keeper and the post under pressure. Class. One must not beat the Scots too much hey. There were bright spots in this one. McGregor with the goal showed the power of making a shot on target in a crowded box. Robertson with a captains performance and Tierney deserve mention. What next for the Scots? Getting to be regular qualifiers for the world cups and Euros. Croatia’s two goal victory was enough to overtake the Czechs who knew they already qualified for the Round of 16 even before facing England. England topping Group D now face the small matter of a Round of 16 clash with either Portugal, Germany, France or the Hungarians(yep they are still in it)